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Living with Food Allergies: How to Deal With Them

Living with Food Allergies: How to Deal With Them

Living with Food Allergies: How to Deal With Them

Every year, millions of people in the US experience allergic reactions to food. Some allergies may cause minor and local symptoms, but others lead to severe reactions and hospitalizations. There’s no cure for food allergies; you can only avoid the food you’re allergic to. But don’t fret, as it’s not all doom and gloom. You can alleviate the daily stress of living with food allergies by using effective coping techniques. Here are some of them.

Always read and inspect food labels.

Reading food labels might seem an obvious way to avoid food items you’re allergic to, but not all labels are written clearly. So inspect every statement on the food label, especially those phrases that start with “may,” as they can be easily misinterpreted. Say you’re allergic to nuts. Besides checking the ingredient list, look for phrases like “may contain nuts” or “manufactured on a shared equipment” as they could mean that the food had in contact with another ingredient that contains nuts or was made in a facility that also processes nuts.  

Seek allergy-safe food brands.

We get it—it can be tiring to read food labels all the time. So another way to keep yourself or your loved ones from having allergic reactions is to seek out allergy-safe brands. For instance, here at The Big 8 Crate, we only send out allergy-safe snack subscription boxes. We curate monthly boxes or gift boxes with allergen-free items perfect for people of all ages and our products are made in dedicated allergen free facilities. Our boxes assure you or your kids can enjoy goodies without feeling anxious about food allergies.

Be aware of cross-contact.

If you live with family members without allergies the same as yours, there could be a risk of cross-contact. It happens when an allergen is unintentionally transferred to another food. Say you’re allergic to eggs, but your roommate doesn’t know about it, so they fry some bacon and eggs in the same pan. Even if you only eat the bacon, it has been cross contaminated and can trigger a reaction from you. If you have severe food allergies, it’s best not to share food and cooking equipment with others. Always keep the kitchen counter clean, and organize separate food preparation areas for yourself.

With these three coping techniques, you can enjoy your day-to-day life without dealing with medical emergencies. It will also be a huge help if your loved ones know about these tips. Avoidance is key in preventing a reaction.