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Ways to Cope with Social Impacts of Food Allergies

Ways to Cope with Social Impacts of Food Allergies

Life with food allergies can be challenging for both children and parents. As any parent of a child with food allergies knows, dealing with social situations can often be the most stressful part. Whether it's an unfamiliar setting or simply trying to convince your child's friends to wash their hands before interacting with your child, navigating food allergies can requires a great deal of creativity and patience. There are many moving pieces that the average person may never consider. Allergy moms and dads have to be extra careful when shopping for groceries, they have to cook allergy-friendly meals from scratch, and pre-planning and even meal prep is required before going out to restaurants or on vacations. They also have to be vigilant about reading labels, usually multiple times, every time you buy a product, and avoiding potential allergens. To top it all off, they often have to deal with the anxiety that comes with knowing their child could have a potentially life-threatening reaction at any moment. Basically, they must keep their head on a swivel at all times!

That said, there are some steps that you can take to make things easier for yourself and your child. For starters, it is important to stay informed about food allergy awareness and research. This will help you to talk intelligently with others about food allergies, which in turn may make them more aware of the issue. There are many new developments in the allergy community that are really making a difference. New testing procedures and treatments, such as oral immunotherapy (OIT,) are giving people with food allergies more options and a better quality of life. 

Additionally, you can work on cultivating a wide variety of allergy-friendly snacks that your child can enjoy when he or she is out socializing. There are more and more companies creating allergy-friendly snacks and products, so those with food allergies can enjoy life without worry and regain a sense of normalcy. Because it's not just the big things, like making sure your child always has their Epi-pen with them, but the little things too - like always having to bring your own food to parties, or having to pass on cake at a birthday celebration. One convenient solution is our snack boxes. The Big 8 Crate provides allergy safe snack boxes, all free from the top 8 allergens + sesame. We source our snacks from a variety of allergy safe snack companies who have dedicated facilities to reduce the risk of cross contamination. This is a great way to ensure you have a steady stream of safe snacks for kids or adults with food allergies. By subscribing to The Big 8 Crate, you can rest assured that you will always have safe, delicious snacks for any occasion. Hopefully alleviating some stress from your daily routine as well.

And finally, it is crucial that parents support their children emotionally and help to build up their confidence in dealing with the condition and expressing their needs. Food allergies can have a significant impact on a child's life, both socially and emotionally. Allergies can make it difficult for a child to participate in activities with friends, can cause anxiety and isolation, and can even lead to bullying. It is important for parents to be aware of these potential impacts and to talk to their children about how to deal with them. By remaining calm and confident, they can help their child to cope with food allergies in a positive way. With awareness and education, we can make a difference for those living with food allergies.

If you know an allergy mom or dad, give them a big hug today! They work tirelessly to keep their kiddos safe and healthy, and we are so grateful for them.