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Why We Need Allergen-Free Foods —And How to Get them

Why We Need Allergen-Free Foods —And How to Get them

Why We Need Allergen-Free Foods —And How to Get them

Someone is rushed to the emergency room due to a severe food-allergic reaction every three minutes. It affects roughly four percent of the population, including adults and young kids. While it’s true that most children with food allergies will outgrow their condition by age six or ten, it’s still crucial that American families have access to safe food choices. 

The Need for Better Food Labeling & Safer Dining-Out Experiences

There’s no cure for food allergies; you can only avoid the food you’re allergic to. But vague food labeling makes it hard for people to practice complete food allergen avoidance. Phrases like “may contain,” “may be manufactured on shared equipment,” or “manufactured in a facility that also uses” can easily be misinterpreted by consumers. Also, these Precautionary Allergen Labels are only voluntary—and not standardized or mandated in the US. Truly, there’s a need for better, clearer food labeling in the US to protect people with food allergies. 

The same problem occurs when dining out. Not all restaurants have ingredient lists on their menus to warn diners with peanut or other allergies. Also, not all pastry shops & restaurants have separate equipment and food preparation areas for people with food allergies. There’s always a risk of cross-contact when adults and kids with food allergies choose to dine out. 

So What’s the Alternative for Now? 

It can take years (and several mandates) before people with food allergies enjoy a consistently safe restaurant experience and see better food labeling in local grocery stores. But let’s admit it: it can be tiring to read labels intently or ask the waiter for special requests all the time. Luckily,  more allergen-free brands are becoming available on the market. 

For instance, here at The Big 8 Crate, we deliver allergy-safe snack subscription boxes. We cater to families, as we’re aware that food allergies are common in young kids. That’s especially true for The Big 8 or the top eight food allergens, including dairy, egg, & soy. 

Our monthly boxes allow children and parents to enjoy goodies without worrying about any potential food reactions to the top 8. We even offer School Days Allergy-Safe Snack Boxes that contain 22 snacks for each school day (+1 for good measure). With these boxes, we help alleviate the stress & anxiety that families with members that have food allergies go through every day. 

Check out our shop to see more allergy-safe snack box options. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.